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Tim Evens

Meet Tim Evens—The Human Power Behind Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness

Born and raised in the Willamette Valley, Tim Evens is a Pacific Northwester through and through. Whether harvesting wild mushrooms with his fabulous wife while out on one of their many (many) mountain bike adventures, running at a swift clip along the McKenzie River Trail, or tending to his family of cats, dogs, and the occasional lizard or toad, Tim brings with him the kind of energy, empathy, and analytical thinking you always want around. 


As a top physical therapist in Bend, Oregon, Tim is intuitive and experienced—a professionally trained problem solver who goes above and beyond to get to the root of what your body is experiencing and then help it shift. Both out in the world and at his Central Oregon physical therapy clinic, Tim is truly one of a kind. 


In addition to holding a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Tim also has a Master of Science in Physical Therapy & Kinesiology and is professionally trained in a variety of manual therapies, spinal manipulation, dry needling, and sport science.


A competitive athlete himself, Tim loves working with athletes of all ages and abilities. He specializes in blood flow restriction training, sport-specific agility training, strength training, and more.

To connect with Tim and start feeling whole-body better—through a bike fit or run analysis, PT services, chronic pain management, or transgender support services—schedule online now with Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness.

Meet Tim Evens, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist—OCS

With a background in sports performance and neuroscience-based physical therapy modalities, as well as a deep understanding of current biomechanics and the biopsychosocial model of pain, physical therapist Tim Evens is well-versed when it comes to engaging with a range of orthopedic issues, performance inefficiencies, and physical therapy needs, including but not limited to:


  • Diagnosis of movement disorders & static alignment issues

  • Management of acute training-related musculoskeletal injuries & chronic issues

  • Modern chronic pain management and care

  • Self confidence & body-image relationships

  • Physical therapy services treating all orthopedic and spinal issues

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