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Bike Fits

Where Current Biomechanics, Neuroscience & On-Trail Assessment Combine to Make You Feel Good and Fly


Whole-Perspective Bike Fits That Work

As an experienced physical therapist and an accomplished cyclist, Tim Evens has been offering some of the best professional bicycle fitting services in Bend, Oregon and beyond for more than a decade. To each and every bike fit analysis, Evens brings a wealth of ever-evolving knowledge about current biomechanics and neuroscience, as well as expertise and insight as a PMBIA-certified mountain bike instructor. 


With biomechanics, cadence, riding style, and on-bike strengths all unique to the individual, no two bike fits are ever the same. Whether you’re new to cycling, a trained athlete looking to connect with your full potential, or a seasoned cyclist seeking more comfort in your ride, Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness is here to help you pedal in the right direction.


As a result of Tim Evens’ deep understanding of the micro and macro needs of cyclists and athletes, his personalized, one-on-one bike-fitting services in Bend combine the use of advanced LEOMO software and on-trail assessment to help you:


  • Enhance overall comfort while riding

  • Reduce or eliminate pain, hot spots, and numbness

  • Diagnose and treat saddle discomfort

  • Prevent bike-fit related injuries (immediate and long term)

  • Improve performance and power on the bike

  • Enhance cycling efficiency and reduce unnecessary fatigue


To unearth your full potential on the bike, and feel as good as you know you can every time you ride, book a professional bike fit with Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness today.


The Best Bike Fit in Bend Starts Right Here.

Located just a short pedal away from Phil’s Trailhead, Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness is able to offer Bend, OR bike fitting services that include both an indoor bike fit analysis and an on-trail/on-road assessment. Because what’s a professional bike fit without analyzing how your body sprints, climbs, descends, and moves in its natural environment? 


When you combine one of our indoor bike fit analysis sessions with our outdoor ride assessment, the results and the experience are undeniable. To set yourself up right with a 2-hour, above-and-beyond bike fitting experience in Bend, book online now with Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness.


Pedal Harder, Feel Better, Ride Farther

How does a professional bike fit from Tim Evens differ from the bike fitting services available at your local shop? With a depth of cycling knowledge and an advanced understanding of movement science, current biomechanics, and neuroscience—and a grasp of road and mountain bike form and performance—Evens brings a comprehensive, whole-body perspective and approach to bike fit analysis. 

As your body changes over time, your bike fit needs to adapt along with it. When you book a professional bike fit with Evens, you can expect a tailored fitting session that analyzes your ride through a progressive, bike-body kinematics lens. In other words: a bike fit like no other in Bend, or beyond.

Book a professional bike fit in Bend with Tim Evens today, and start feeling better on the bike tomorrow.

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