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PT Services


One-On-One Physical Therapy in Bend & Central Oregon

Our mind-body systems are complex and interconnected, so why shouldn’t physical therapy sessions address every individual as a whole person, rather than one with segmented, unrelated parts?


Rooted in a holistic, neuroscience-based approach, Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness considers your whole body when performing physical therapy services at its Bend, Oregon location.


The Best Physical Therapists in Bend, OR Think Outside the Box.

At Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness, we’re all about connecting you with holistic, neuroscience-based, orthopedic physical therapy services that deliver tangible and lasting results.

By combining decades of experience with current neuroscience and biomechanics, we are able to specialize in physical therapy recovery for a variety of orthopedic issues and injuries.


Whether you’re looking at an ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff reconstruction, or tendinopathy, spinal fusion, disc injury, or other major issues, our comprehensive approach to physical therapy is designed to help you build a whole-body path to recovery, strength, balance, and health.


Some of the physical therapy services offered at our Bend, OR clinic include: ​

  • Modern pain care and pain management

  • Postoperative and preoperative physical therapy

  • Physical therapy to avoid operation

  • Chronic and acute spine pain

  • Spinal manipulation

  • Soft Tissue mobilization


Don’t see the kind of PT services you’re looking for? Contact Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness and learn more about the full range of PT, sports performance, and wellness services we offer in beautiful Bend, OR.


To start feeling whole-body better, book your physical therapy appointment with us today.

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