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Running Analysis


Comprehensive Running Gait Analysis in Bend, Oregon

From foot-striking patterns, ground reaction forces, and kinetic chain loading throughout the running gait cycle, to stride length and cadence, previous running injuries, future running goals, and more, our Bend, Oregon running gait analysis and assessment services take the whole-body picture into careful consideration.

Whether you're a lifelong runner—recreational or competitive—or newer to trail running, the track, or miles on the road, our indoor/outdoor running analysis sessions in Bend are tailored to suit your individual needs so you can excel and feel great doing the sport you love.


Looking to create better harmony among your joints and muscles every time you lace up? Contact us now or book your comprehensive running analysis session with Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness today.


Take Flight With Our Modern Biomechanical Running Analysis & Running Gait Assessment Services

Because we believe in the power of in-action assessment (seeing how your body runs in the wild), modern technology, science, and current biomechanics, we combine all of these elements to bring you the best professional gait analysis experience in Bend.

When you book one of our running form analysis sessions, you can expect to elevate your overall running experience, as well as reduce and eliminate the running-related issues that are specific to your body.


Connect with Tim Evens today and level up your run now.


Up Your Performance and Transform Your Bend, OR Trail Runs

If you’re looking to not only elevate your running, but also improve the overall balance among you body’s joints, ligaments, and tendons—and keep running in your life for years to come—Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness has you covered with one of the most comprehensive and best running form analysis options in Bend, OR. 


Through an outdoor, on-trail/on-road running form analysis (we are a quick jog from Phil’s Trailhead) and the utilization of advanced LEOMO software to gather kinematic data across 3 planes for video analysis, our running form analysis sessions analyze and address the following:


  • Foot-striking patterns

  • Kinetic chain loading throughout the running gait cycle (i.e.: as a runner, how do you load your spine, hips, knees, and ankles in series)

  • Gross kinematics associated with your specific skeletal dimensions, including forefoot, mid-foot, and rear-foot loading


As a result, we are then able to extract essential data and insight from your running form analysis—including your specific body dimensions, your running strengths, and your inefficiencies—and develop a personalized plan for optimum efficiency, speed, and comfort.


To take flight and feel confident in every stride, book your one-on-one running form analysis with Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness now.

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