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Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness

Bend, Oregon


Sport Science & Healing Care for the Whole Person


Are you experiencing pain and discomfort on a regular basis? Are you pre-op or post-op and ready to set your physical therapy plan into motion? Do you want to feel whole-body better?

Rooted in modern pain care, current biomechanics, and neuroscience, our Bend, OR physical therapy clinic is all about taking care of you and your whole body, from the inside out.


No matter what kind of orthopedic physical therapy services you’re looking for, Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness is proud to offer a full range of one-on-one PT services from one of the best physical therapists in Bend and Central Oregon. To start heading down your own path to healing, health, and performance, book an appointment with Evens Physical Therapy today.

Man Running Race

On-Trail Bend, OR Bike Fits & Running Analysis Sessions That Yield Real, Whole-Body Results

Want to exceed expectations on the bike or during your runs? In addition to our high-quality, one-on-one physical therapy services, Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness also offers on-trail bike fits and running analysis sessions, and personalized, sport-specific training to help you pedal farther, run harder, and feel whole-body good as you take flight.


To learn more about our physical therapy services, bike fits, running form analysis, and sports and athletic training in Bend, check out our services and then book with Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness today.


A New Standard in Physical Therapy, Holistic Sport Science & Modern Pain Care

Through the combined application of modern pain care, current biomechanics, and neuroscience—as well as a holistic, evidence-based approach to physical therapy, sports performance, and wellness—Evens Physical Therapy is proud to offer a new standard of sport science, pain management, and physical therapy in Bend, Oregon.  


Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain or looking for one-on-one support through body image counseling, or you want to fine-tune your bike fit or elevate your running performance, browse our site to learn more about our in-depth, one-on-one services, or book your first session today with Evens Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Wellness.

We Accept Health Insurance at Evens Physical Therapy

In order to provide a full spectrum of physical therapy and wellness care for our Bend community, we now accept the following health insurance carriers at Evens Physical Therapy in Bend, Oregon. If you have any questions regarding how health insurance works with our physical therapy services, please feel free to get in touch via phone, email, or the contact form below.


  • Pacific source

  • OHP

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • First choice health network

  • Medicare

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